Find Professional Xen-Tan Spray Tanning Services in Wellington

Want a great tan without having to damage your skin under harmful UV rays of a sunbed or the sun? Then why not find a professional Xen-Tan spray tanning service near you? Alexa's Beauty Salon offers Xen-Tan spray tanning at a really affordable price. For just £25 for a full body tan or £12.50 for a half body tan, you can achieve the tan you want without paying a small fortune. Spray tanning has become one of the leading methods to apply fake tan and this is testament to its effectiveness for giving you an all over natural-looking tan. So rather than heading out to the high street to buy self-tanning products, head to Alexa's Beauty Salon for a professional Xen-Tan spray tanning service.

Enjoy a Flawless Finish

Xen-Tan has a unique, moisture-rich formula and this means that even those people with ultra-fair skin can get a flawless bronzed finish for their skin. Many people who are looking for Xen-Tan spray tanning services in Taunton head to Alexa's Beauty Salon. Based in the centre of the town, this popular salon offers a range of beauty treatments to meet the needs of its customers. To find out more about Alexa's Beauty Salon, visit the website today.

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*Prices will depend on number of people and treatments required.