Is It Time For A Manicure And Pedicure?

Don't neglect your nails, especially at this time of year - the tail end of winter. Winter's weather isn't usually kind to our nails. The cold temperatures and lack of sun encourages nails to dry out, which in turn makes them peel, split or break. Come spring, you'll want your toenails to look healthy and nourished in readiness for when you pull out the summer sandals, and you'll want to be able to paint your hand nails a bright and happy colour. This can be tricky with broken nails.

There's no time like the present to indulge in a little beauty therapy, and if your nails are dry and brittle at the end of a long winter then what better than a manicure and pedicure to revive them?

Alexa Beauty is the place to visit if you want to restore the fortunes of your nails. A manicure and pedicure isn't only about nail polish application, it's also about moisturising and exfoliating the nails.

Based in Somerset, we provide both manicures and pedicures to our customers. Give your nails a new lease of life.

Please contact me at the salon on 01823 254980 or email me at for more information

*Prices will depend on number of people and treatments required.