Micro Pigmentation Taunton

Are you growing tired of applying make-up every morning? Sometimes twice a day? If so, it can often be rather costly and time consuming, so why not consider micro pigmentation in Taunton?

Micro Pigmentation is better known as semi-permanent make-up, and is certainly on the rise. It’s perfect for someone who is on the go, and always wants their eyebrows or lips to be looking their very best. The semi- permanent make-up is also ideal for someone suffering from alopecia, or side effects of chemotherapy.

Our range of micro pigmentations cover both feather touch and block eyebrows, eye liner, lip liner, and touch ups. It’s a worthwhile treatment and can last up to 18-24 months without fading, leaving you free to live your life without the constant worry of smudges or breaks in your make-up.

Here at Alexa Beauty, we provide a warm and welcoming environment for our clients, ensuring you feel at home during your treatment. We understand that it won’t be an easy decision to undergo a micro pigmentation treatment, so why not make use of our free consultation?

For more information on us and how we can help you, visit our site today or get in touch on 01823 254980.

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Please contact me at the salon on 01823 254980 or email me at alexa@alexabeauty.co.uk for more information

*Prices will depend on number of people and treatments required.