Need Your Bridal Make-up Done In Wellington?

Every bride wants to look like a Queen on their big day, including having flawless make-up that makes them feel like a Hollywood celebrity.

Alexa Beauty is ideal for anybody who needs their bridal make-up doing in Wellington or the surrounding locations. With our fully qualified and insured NVQ2 and NVQ3 Beauty Therapists, you’ll have a professional eye for your make-up and a huge choice of treatments to choose from.

Our services include the fitting of false eyelashes, manicures and pedicures and the application of bridal make-up. We also apply Bio-Sculpture Gel Nails which can last up to 3 weeks, so will still looking stunning on your honeymoon.

Our semi-permanent make-up is ideal for anybody in Wellington who’s allergic to conventional products, or anyone who wants a longer-lasting look, with treatments lasting from 18-24 months before fading. However, these would need to be done several weeks before the big day.

We can make sure your bridal make-up looks fresh and gorgeous on the morning of your special day.

With our bridal make-up packages, you could benefit from a 20% discount- simply get in touch with our team for more information.

If you need your bridal make-up done in Wellington, why not check out our treatments today?

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Please contact me at the salon on 01823 254980 or email me at for more information

*Prices will depend on number of people and treatments required.