Semi-permanent Makeup Wellington

Thicker, darker lashes and well-defined eyes make a difference to your whole face. Creating this look without the aid of make-up can prove difficult unless you’re very adept with a make-up brush. It’s easy to overdo it too. Semi-permanent make-up is the solution if you want the same effect but without having to invest in make-up and apply the make-up yourself.

Semi-permanent make-up means that you won’t need to apply make-up every day and you won’t need to remove it either. Your look will appear natural but your features will be well-defined. When you take a shower there’s no smudging, and if you go swimming then there’s still no smudging. Semi-permanent make-up makes things easier and will free up a lot of your time in not having to take off or apply make-up. Semi-permanent make-up is also ideal for anyone who may have had a bad reaction to using conventional make-up.

If you want to benefit from semi-permanent make-up application then the Alexa Beauty salon can provide the service you require. The semi-permanent make-up procedure is just one of the services we offer.

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*Prices will depend on number of people and treatments required.