Waxing Somerset

Waxing removes hair from the root. Because it does this, you can expect the hairs to take a lot longer to grow back. If you shave to keep your skin silky and smooth then you'll probably find that you have to shave every day. This is time-consuming. Waxing is the solution if you want smooth skin and longer-lasting results.

In a salon you can simply sit back and allow a professional to do the work. Here at Alexa Beauty in Somerset we offer waxing services to our clients at an affordable price. Whether you want a half-leg wax or a Brazilian wax in preparation for a holiday abroad, the team at Alexa Beauty can help. In addition, we also offer eyebrow waxing, upper lip waxing and underarm waxing.

You may have to head out to the beauty salon, but you can expect excellent and professional results, as well as smooth, soft and silky skin. If you're worried about waxing at home or concerned about it being painful, then look in on Alexa Beauty.

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Please contact me at the salon on 01823 254980 or email me at alexa@alexabeauty.co.uk for more information

*Prices will depend on number of people and treatments required.