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Bio Sculpture Gel Nails In Bridgwater

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Painting your nails is a wonderful way to give your mood a lift and bring a touch of glamour to your day.

You’ve probably seen gel nail polish sold in your local Boots or Superdrug but might have found it doesn’t live up to its promise of lasting for 2 weeks.

Bio Sculpture, meanwhile, can provide a polish which lasts up to 3 weeks, is applied with minimal buffing and no primers. It comes in over 120 colours, offers a high-gloss shine and has a five-star safety rating.

If you’re looking to have beautiful nails in Taunton or Bridgwater, simply come along to Alexa Beauty.

Whether you’re looking to have a treat, or are preparing for a special event, we can offer a wide range of treatments to make you look stunning.

Our beauty experts can either add extensions or offer overlays at competitive prices. We are open Tuesday to Saturday and attract customers from all over the local area, including Bridgwater, Wellington and Collumpton.

If you want to know more about Bio Sculpture Gel Nails, simply get in touch today.

01823 254980.


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