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Difference between Classic and Hybrid Lashes

Classic eyelash extensions are applied one extension to one natural lash. This can add length and thickness to the individual lashes and create a natural enhanced appearance to your lashes and great for day to day wearers. These can be great for holiday eyelashes or to wear all year round.

Hybrid eyelash extensions use 3D volume lashes mixed with classic lashes. Volume lashes are 3 finer lashes per one natural lash to give a thicker volume look. These are great for someone wanting an extra volume or someone that wears strip lashes daily. These can also be great for clients who have sparse lashes as it can fill any gaps you have in your natural lashes.

Classic or Hybrid we aim to create you an individual set to suit what curl, length or thickness you would like and also look at your own eye shape to give you the best possible result.

We charge £45 for Classic and £55 for Hybrids with regular infills every 2-3 weeks at £25/£30.

Warning: Eyelash Extensions are highly additive!

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