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Enjoy An Eyebrow Shape And Tint In Wellington

Are you based in Wellington and would like to have your eyebrows shaped?

Eyebrows are one of the most prominent features on your face and having them altered can make a huge difference. They not only accentuate the eyes but help to shape the face and play a part in non-verbal communication.

Unfortunately, due to a trend for thinly plucked eyebrows in the 1990s many of us have sparser brows than we’d like. Others are born with naturally thin or extremely light eyebrows.

If you want a professional shape and tint in Wellington, simply come along to Alexa Beauty. We provide a wide range of luxury treatments at our beauty salon which has a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Our experts can shape and tint your eyebrows for highly competitive prices, carrying out a patch test 24-hours before treatment to ensure you’re not allergic. An eyebrow shape starts from only £7.00 and a tint for only £5.00.

Our beauty salon is based in Taunton so are only a stone’s throw away from Wellington. We are only closed on Mondays and Sundays so are great for anybody wanting treatment on a Saturday or in their lunch hour.

If you’re thinking of having an eyebrow shape and tint, why not book an appointment today?

01823 254 980.


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