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How to remove Gel Polish yourself?

After having Gel Polish on for 3+ weeks, we know the frustration it can be when you cannot remove it from your nails. Here is a quick guide for anyone who cant get to the salon in time for a removal;

1. Buff the top layer of gel with file/buffer

2. Soak a cotton pad in acetone

3. Wrap around finger and use tinfoil to hold into place

4. Leave for 20+ minutes

5. Buff off any residue

6. Apply cuticle oil and hand cream to replenish oils

We always recommend professional removal is possible, we have a few treatment options for Gel Polish Removal -

£5 - if you have another set applied (30)

£10 - for just the removal

£20 - with a pampering manicure afterwards

Based in Upper High Street, Taunton, our beauty salon is a popular place for people across the local area.

If you’re looking to book any of our Gel Polish Removal in Taunton, Somerset , simply get in touch today. 01823 254980.


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