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Looking For A Waxing Service Near Bridgwater?

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Are you based in Bridgwater and want a wax before heading on holiday?

It is well known that the results of waxing last much longer than shaving, and although sometimes painful (although usually less than you might fear), is usually less pain-inducing than epilating.

Better yet, over time it can reduce the amount of hair growth and also removes dead and dry skin cells. It is perfect for anybody with sensitive skin who is susceptible to rashes.

Waxing is also much better for the condition of your skin than shaving, which can often make your legs feel dry. Furthermore, it won’t leave any cuts or skin damage, leaving you with beautifully smooth skin for long-term hair removal.

Choose Alexa Beauty for waxing near Bridgwater and you’ll enjoy a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Our services include intimate waxing to ensure you’re hair-free for that beach holiday.

Whether you want a bikini wax, Playboy wax or glamorous Hollywood wax, our team will ensure it’s carried out to the highest standards. We can also carry out smaller procedures like upper lip, chin or underarm waxing. With prices starting from only £6.00, you can easily get rid of body hair for an extremely competitive price.

Our beautiful salon is based in Taunton, only 25 minutes away from Bridgwater.

If you’re based in Bridgwater, why not discover more about our waxing in Taunton?


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