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Micro Pigmentation Bridgwater

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Are you looking for a certain style of make-up that lasts all year round? Have you been searching for micro pigmentation in Bridgewater? Alexa Beauty Essentials will happily make you up with a look that will continuously make you shine for up to two years!

It can be tiresome to continuously keep applying make-up, especially if you are sticking to just one style. So to give you that little extra time in your day, why not try out our semi permanent make-up treatment? You even have the opportunity for a free consultation when you book an appointment, giving you the time to prepare your decision before diving into the procedure.

Not only is it a great alternative to continuously spending money on make-up throughout the year, it can also be great for those who suffer from conditions relating to loss of hair, skin conditions, and also for those who have bad reactions to standard make-up!

With our friendly nature, we want you to feel welcome and confident in our abilities, with staff trained to the highest standard and ready to fulfil your needs. Don’t hesitate to visit our salon in Taunton today, or contact us via telephone or email.


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