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What is the difference between a Brazilian, Playboy and Hollywood Wax?

Intimate waxing is one of the most popular treatments in our salon in Taunton with our very own Alexa, being a renowned Waxing Queen!

Most our clients on their first appointment are unsure on which wax they are booking in. She here is an explanation and picture to help when booking your waxing appointment.

Bikini - This incorporates all hair removed from the sides and top to neaten the area that would show outside a bikini.

Brazilian - This goes further in than a bikini and leaves a strip/line from the top and all the down and it is not waxed underneath.

Hollywood - This is all hair removed from front and back.

Playboy - This is all hair removed from the front and back like a Hollywood, but we leave a strip/triangle at the very top.

We charge between £12 - £25 for intimate waxing and can use hot/hard wax aswell as warm wax.

Based in Upper High Street, Taunton, our beauty salon is a popular place for people across the local area.

If you’re looking to book any of our Intimate Waxing in Taunton, Somerset simply get in touch today.

01823 254980.


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