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Why do I need a course IPL Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

Laser Hair Removal is becoming one of the most popular aesthetic treatments in the industry with some amazing results that are more easily accessible to all clients.

We get asked the same question during consultations - Why do i need a course of 6 IPL Laser Hair Removal treatments instead of just one?

The answer can be explained if you understand how the laser works on the hair itself....

Firstly your hair grows in three stages - Anagen (Active growing) Catagen (Changing State) and Telogen (Resting State). This is important as the hair is only attached the blood supply within the Anagen stage and the only stage the hair can be in for the Laser to inhibit the hair follicle from growing hair again.

There is no way of telling from the surface of the skin which hair is at which stage, and all your hair grows at different rates and is not all in the same hair growth stage at once. They estimate the amount of hair in anagen state at one time in one area, is between 10-70% - which is a great difference to how much hair can be removed as we cannot tell what hair has been treated until it then grows back.

This is why we spread the sessions out between 4-6 or 6-8 weeks so we can then hope to catch the hair in its anagen stage at the next treatment, and why you cannot tweeze or wax during your course as you will upset the hair cycle in between.

This can mean on one session, you get a lot of hair treated or only minimal, but we here at Alexa Beauty will work with you to discuss your treatment needs and previous hair removal options to ensure we try and get the best result possible.

We hope this has enabled you to understand the need for a Laser Hair Removal course but if you have further questions or queries please comment on here or email to - /call us on 01823 254980. Consultations are free and no obligation to book.

Based in Upper High Street, Taunton, our beauty salon is a popular place for people across the local area.

If you’re looking to book any of our IPL Laser Hair Removal in Taunton, simply get in touch today.

01823 254980.


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